Global Community Initiatives
Building Communities

Global Community Initiatives (GCI) helps communities move forward with confidence and enthusiasm to achieve their vision for a healthy environment, a vibrant economy, good governance, and a sense of connection to their neighbors and the world.

We assist communities with projects that foster democratic practices, social and economic justice, respect and care for the community of life, and environmental integrity. We work to create a context where people feel inspired to work for positive change.

Who we are

The GCI Board of Directors represents all the major regions of the world, with board members from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and the Americas. We are committed to maintaining a gender balance on the board, as well as racial diversity.

The GCI staff also reflects the culture and ethnic makeup of the areas where we work. We are an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and we are committed to paying our employees livable wages and providing health and vacation benefits.

We welcome partnerships with people and organizations who share our goals and values.

What we do

Our current projects include the Upendo Mmoja Project in Tanzania, an orphanage and vocational training center, the Sustainability Demonstration Center in Guacimal, Costa Rica, and a Reparations and Regeneration project in Vermont. We develop and implement new economic models that can overcome inequality and build real community.

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