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The Spirit of the Economy
Posted on October 6th, 2017

Here in the autumn of 2017, we are witnessing unprecedented change on many levels - superstorms have left the islands off our coast, Florida, and Houston in shambles, the economy is working well for the elite and very poorly for the rest of humanity and all of nature, we have seen the outright theft of our democratic process by those who have money to spend - far outweighing our votes. It's hard to find hope amidst the massive change underway.

At GCI, several of us have come to the conclusion that nothing short of a large scale spiritual transformation is needed to shift the world onto a path of peace, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, and respect and care for the whole community of life. Where would such a transformation begin, and how can we help it along? We are seeing answers.

Since the majority of our work over the past ten years has been focused on economic justice, we start with a question about the spirit of our economy. The hypercompetitive rat race driven in part by the privatized, monopoly, positive interest monetary system tends to dominate the economic system at this point, making the spirit of the economy out of alignment with human values like cooperation, justice, love, and mutual respect. 

We'd be interested in knowing what you think about this important topic, so be sure to send us your thoughts...

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