Global Community Initiatives
Community Planning
Combining strategies that incorporate the insights from system dynamics, global principles articulated in the Earth Charter, and innovative community mobilization techniques, GCI helps communities create a shared vision, with specific goals, targets, strategies, and indicators to implement an integrated action plan for sustainable development. GCI recognizes that all of the aspects of community life are interdependent - you can’t achieve a healthy environment without also working for human rights and social justice, good governance means embracing new approaches to participatory democracy, and all of it is reliant on a new paradigm of respect and care for the whole community of life.
Vermont Community Development Association 
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Taking Action for Sustainability 
A workbook to help you change your world. This workbook provides a step by step guide for community leaders who want to achieve integrated goals of a safe and healthy environment, a vibrant local economy, good governance, and a high level of social well-being. $25.00 
Newburgh, New York 
In Newburgh, New York, a community in the Hudson Valley, GCI has partnered with the city on a Sustainable Master Planning process that will empower local citizens, NGOs, youth groups, and others in envisioning and building a sustainable future.
​Calgary, Alberta, Canada ​
The City of Calgary has embarked on an inclusive, long-term planning project called imagineCalgary - a sustainable development plan for the next 100 years.