Global Community Initiatives

Donate to Global Community Initiatives

When you click on the DONATE link below, you will be taken to a PayPal page where you can choose from a drop-down menu that includes the following projects. If you want your donation to go to one of the projects, please select it from the menu.

Upendo Mmoja: Your donation to Upendo Mmoja is tax-deductible and will help with the vocational training project in Pommerin, Tanzania. The donation will go to Global Community Initiatives, which is the organization sponsoring the project.
Sustainability Center in Guacimal, Costa Rica: This is a center working with young people on an organic farm, a farmer's market, local economic development, and taking care of wildlife.
Integrated Community Resilience, Chelsea, Vermont: Area healers are working with nursing homes to introduce Reiki and other healing practices.
General Operating Support:  These donations help GCI pay for our overhead costs like the web site, phone bills, and professional services. They also help support the educational programs we are offering in Cabot, Vermont.
Please note that if you use a credit card to send the donation through PayPal, a fee of 2/9% will be assessed by PayPal. You can choose to mail us a check instead of spending money on fees. Global Community Initiatives, 40 Garden Way, Cabot, VT 05647.