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Where's the Money? Join us December 5th and 6th, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH for a lively Open Space conference to discuss the role of money in politics and the role of politics in money.

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The Missing Money Mystery
If you look at any of the critical problems we face today – the growing chasm between the rich and the poor, disempowerment and corporate control of our democracy, catastrophic climate change, and the lack of public investment in the things we need for decent lives: infrastructure, education, jobs, housing, health care, and elder care, the underlying systemic causes all point to money – there’s never enough to do what we need, and yet its abundance in the hands of the ultra-wealthy skews politics away from the majority of the people.
People have been galvanized to get money out of politics through the efforts to overturn Citizen’s United, the new organizations set up to initiate campaign finance reform, and coalition efforts like Move to Amend – where Constitutional amendments are being sought to clarify the legal status of corporations and individuals and to take away the “rights” mistakenly applied to corporations.
The money we use in the economy is less well understood, although there have been many efforts to change it – public and postal banking, complementary currencies, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), the NEED Act, and calls to move money out of the big banks to smaller credit unions.
It’s time to bring all the disparate efforts together to form a new movement, and end the private, debt based system that makes a few people very rich and powerful while impoverishing the rest of us.
Goals of the Conference:
  • To bring together a non-partisan alliance of candidates and elected officials who are ready to make needed changes to the way money is created and used in the economy and politics, with a focus on New Hampshire, where legislation has been introduced to establish a state bank. 
  • To form a coalition of organizations that are all calling for changes to the existing system, and to create a shared agenda for change. 
  • To raise awareness of the alternatives that are already available and are successful, from public banking to commercial barter systems and Time Banks, to political cultures that are not run by moneyed interests. 
  • To draft a People’s Pact for Prosperity, a Constitution of Currency, a Monetary Manifesto, that articulates a program for the future. 
  • To target the presidential candidates who are running for office in the New Hampshire primary and make them aware of the political support behind the monetary reform movement. 
Join us! Contact Gwendolyn Hallsmith at / 802-851-7697 to get involved.