Global Community Initiatives
The Headwaters Garden and Learning Center is an ecovillage in Cabot, Vermont.  There are seven home sites, with three available for new members.  We offer educational programs on sustainable living, permaculture, organic gardening, arts, music, and healing.  The next workshop is scheduled for June 1 - 2, 2013.  Click here to register.  Read an article in Communities Magazine about Ecovillage Infrastructure that describes how Headwaters started.
Revitalizing the Headwaters – Permaculture Design Intensive

Permaculture design provides a lens through which to view landscapes; built structures; communities; food, energy, and transport networks; personal relationships; and even ourselves, as parts of interconnected wholes. Learning to see 'the permaculture way' helps us recognize resources, identify idiosyncrasies, probe deep into problems, and select appropriate solutions. This weekend design intensive focuses on the development of a holistic design concept for the Headwaters Community and Learning Center in beautiful Cabot, Vermont. An overview of the fundamentals of permaculture and a systematic design process precede a student-led, in-depth site analysis process through which we'll collectively 'discover' novel design solutions that will help guide the community's development for years to come. Lectures and site walks exploring soil and water in the permaculture landscape, small scale woodlot management and coppice forestry, and edible forest garden design add texture and depth to this active workshop, culminating with the hands-on conversion of part of an existing orchard into a polycultural paradise. Join us for an intensive weekend of learning and discovery and leave feeling familiar with a practical process you can use to guide the design of your own landscape. No prior permaculture experience required.

Price - $150-200 sliding scale tuition includes on-site camping and vegan lunch on Saturday and Sunday. 
Limited work trade available.
To register contact Mark Krawczyk at or 802-999-2768

About the Instructors:

Mark Krawczyk has been practicing permaculture since 1999 and today owns and operates Keyline Vermont LLC, maintains the grassroots community non-profit Burlington Permaculture, and is currently co-authoring Coppice Agroforestry - Perennial Silviculture for 21st Century with Dave Jacke.

Nicko Rubin owns and operates East Hill Tree Farm, a nursery for fruit trees, nuts, and berries in Plainfield, VT. He completed the master’s program for sustainable landscape design at the Conway School and offers consultation and edible ecological landscape design and planting.