Global Community Initiatives
Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal (LASER)

GCI has partnered with Michael Miller of America's Development Foundation, Hunter Lovins and Christopher Juniper of Natural Capitalism Solutions in Boulder, CO, Bernard Lietaer, and Wayne Fawbush to prepare this workbook for communities on sustainable ways to build real wealth by strengthening the local economy.

This has grown out of our work with communities around the world, and a joint workshop we developed for America’s Development Foundation who are working with communities in Serbia to help them strengthen their local economies.

To view the interactive web site we have established to help local communities with their economic renewal efforts, please visit:

The web site offers the LASER workbook, reference materials, tools, best practices, and an online management software support system that helps you manage an economic renewal planning process. This includes an online dialogue feature, public web surveys, document sharing, a listserv manager, and an interactive database that helps you manage all the information and plans that you develop.

You can download the electronic version of the workbook at no cost by clicking the link below, or purchase a printed version by clicking on the Purchase button.

Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal: A Guide to Community Development.