Global Community Initiatives
Local Economic Development
Working with internationally known specialists, we have developed a new approach to local economic development that engages people in a planning and implementation process to create wealth in communities while enhancing natural and social systems. Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal (LASER) consists of a workbook and supporting materials for community leaders. The tools identify the different sources of wealth in a community, and enable people to design strategies that address critical areas for sustainable prosperity.
Community Currency Guide 
GCI has worked with a leading expert in the field, Bernard Lietaer, to develop a local guide to community currency. This workbook helps community leaders identify the kinds of complementary currencies that might be appropriate for their cities and towns, and gives them step-by-step advice on how to introduce them locally.
Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal (LASER) 
GCI has partnered with Michael Miller of America's Development Foundation, Hunter Lovins and Christopher Juniper of Natural Capitalism Solutions in Boulder, CO, Bernard Lietaer, and Wayne Fawbush to prepare this workbook for communities on sustainable ways to build real wealth by strengthening the local economy.